Rebranding Chris Hird Design

Rebranding my freelance design business was an important part of restarting it. After some time focusing my efforts on full-time work I knew it was time to get back into freelance graphic design. Not only to develop my portfolio, and become a better designer but to enhance my skill set further to match the way the industry is moving.


Old & New logos

I wanted to create a visual symbol that would identify the brand, as the previous logo was purely type-based. I worked with icons, colours, and layouts, developing many paths that didn't suit the direction, or were to complex before reaching a solid solution.

Logo development path

After many iterations, I began to work toward a solution using just the initials CHD. The above image shows the development path explored to get near a final solution.

Logo construction

I wanted a strong symmetrical symbol to represent my brand, something that could work across multiple platforms and media. The final construction of the logo ended up being a rather simple one. I wanted to strip away the name, or any unnecessary clutter to create a symbol that carried enough weighting to work at a small size, but correct proportions to work in a circle, square or as an app icon.

Logo on colour

Orange was a strong colour that was carried over and developed from the old brand. I knew it worked on light and dark backgrounds, so a singular colour could be kept throughout. I didn't want the icon to appear flat, so I developed two-tones of Orange that would work as a gradient across the symbol, going from lighter to darker (Left to Right).

During the original development, I worked with a Dark Grey and Orange but found the Orange had more impact on the very Dark Blue from my previous brand. After making some colour adjustments I finally had a strong palette I was happy with.

Logo configuration (on dark)

Logo configuration (on light)

The stand-alone symbol is designed to work on internal brand assets, this is where the company name would also be included, such as the website, and social media profiles etc. For instances where the logo would be used externally, I created a lock-up that combined both symbol and name.

I experimented with a number of typefaces to complement the icon, ideally, I was looking for a monospaced typeface that featured rounded ends, after much research and experimentation I settled on the Multicolore typeface, which also injects a playful and creative element to the brand.

Business card mockup