Digital Newsletter for CMM Events

This Digital Newsletter was a monthly digital publication developed to target companies under Estée Lauder - a client of CMM Events. Every month the newsletter contained a series of specially selected hotels situated across the UK and Europe where events and meetings could be held for large and medium companies.


CMM Events Digital Newsletter Tablet Screens

Front page and opening Introduction page

Selection of pages from the newsletter

I aimed to create a dynamic digital template in which each page felt unique but consistent throughout. In order to achieve this, I carefully selected a dedicated colour palette for each page using the imagery supplied. Often working directly with the managing director to achieve the highest results.

Office Pull-up banner for CMM Events

Who are CMM Events?

As one of the first conference, incentive and motivation houses outside London back in 1977. Today, CMM Events is proud to be one of the top conference and incentive agencies in the UK, adapting over the years to ever-changing needs and enjoying high levels of client retention. They organise over 100 events for over 30 different clients, using over 30 years of expertise.

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