Book covers for The Silence of Truth Series

An aspiring writer required eye-catching and thought-provoking cover material for her first ever series of short novels. I looked to give the characters identities through the creatives, to give more definition to the reader's imagination.

I also used the fonts and colours to aid the design, to become part of the cover and help set the tone for what was to follow.


Book Jacket for The Silence of Truth - Sarah’s Secret

The Silence of Truth - Sarah’s Secret

After years of sexual abuse from her father, Sarah finally runs away from home. She has a grand plan, a plan which she hopes will lead her to a better life. Fleeing to Manchester, she works as a high-class prostitute to pay her way through university. Getting involved in the BDSM scene she trains as a Mistress but after the bombing of the Arndale Centre she moves to London, working successfully as a Call Girl and Professional Dominatrix. 

When she retires to pursue a new and different career Sarah unexpectedly meets a lonely widower with two young children. They fall in love and she eventually marries him. Steve wants her to have a baby but she dare not tell him why she can’t have children or say anything about her past life for fear of losing him. 

Her refusal to have children leads to problems between them and after a final row, Sarah inadvertently breaks her silence and tells Steve the truth behind her past. 

A past that she has sworn to keep secret forever... 

Book Jacket for The Silence of Truth - The Heist

The Silence of Truth - The Heist

A story of robbery, murder, greed, and denial.
In early November 1999, an empty security van is hijacked on its way to the new London East End Container Dock. Now with the biggest robbery in history about to hit the headlines, how long can Scotland Yard keep the details behind the theft out of the news? Why was a shipping container containing $100,000,000 in brand new one hundred dollar bills, left exposed in London’s new container dock? Why is the CIA interested and how deep does their involvement go?

As newly promoted Detective Chief Inspector ‘Dusty’ Bynne and his new DI Anna Malkin try to unravel the mystery behind the robbery, Dusty struggles to keep the secret of his own sexual identity hidden.

The Silence of Truth Series by Teraina E Hird, is available here: