Chris Hird

Chris Hird

I'm Chris Hird, a Graphic Designer living in Bedfordshire, UK, with five years experience working agency-side, in-house, and freelance.

I want to help businesses achieve their goals through providing a professional graphic design service.

My design career began after graduating university, by getting my break as a Junior Designer at a small media agency in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK. This experience saw me working with a variety of industries from Catering, Construction, Automotive, Healthcare, Retail, Real Estate, Publishing, and more. While I reported to the Senior Designer my main responsibilities were creating a variety of literature, from print adverts, stationery, direct mail, branding & more. My achievements during this time allowed me to expand my role in dealing directly with clients and taking briefs first hand.

My experience as an in-house designer goes even further, with nearly three and a half years working for a UK leading bathroom retailer as the sole in-house designer. Not only was I responsible for all print and digital creative, but also took on creative brief writing and outsourcing to some of the biggest creative agencies in the UK and remote freelancers, ensuring all creative was up to a solid standard. I also produced many sub-brand creatives, promotional point-of-sale graphics, print and digital brand assets and press advertising, featured in many UK home interest titles. This experience also allowed me to enhance my branding, project management, pre-press, and digital design skills while becoming a guardian for the brand. In the latter stages of the role, I got the chance to develop a direct report and manage the annual press advertising.  

During these full-time roles, I would utilise my spare time for over five years, on and off, freelancing through Chris Hird Design which I originally established in 2013. Freelancing for private clients allowed me to stay creative, expand my business knowledge and learn new skills which could be applied in full-time roles. Over the last few years as a part-time freelancer, I have produced a range of print and digital newsletters, brochures, flyers and new brand identities for a range of large and smaller businesses which are available to view in the 'Projects' section.

My experience working agency side, in-house and freelance over the last few years has really helped me change the way I approach and understand projects, in a way that sets me apart from other designers. I want to share that with businesses and work with them to achieve their goals using well-designed creative solutions.

My story

From a young age, I've always been creating visual pieces. From scribbling on Microsoft Paint at my dad’s engineering workshop on the school holidays to spending my high school lunchtimes in the library drawing characters or cars from books, or taking extracurricular life-drawing classes after college. My passion for visually capturing moments and conveying information in the best form has always occurred to me naturally throughout life. As I followed my passion through college, into university, what started out as Illustration naturally evolved into Design. I wasn't only conveying an idea as an image, I was bringing information and statistics into my work.

In building my university presentations I cared not only what my work looked like, but how it was displayed. I found myself interested in how information was conveyed and what the principles were to it being understood in the correct way. Good design became an inspiration if something wasn't designed well I wanted to understand why it didn't work, and how it could be improved. As time went on this philosophy on improvement evolved and began to apply itself to all aspects of my life, not just in design. Once I graduated university my passion for learning was high, I took my illustrative background and taught myself more about graphic design, building my portfolio to break into the industry. As I gained more experience I found ways to improve how I worked, what I learned and the quality of the results I produced. Even today that ethos still holds true, my desire to develop continues, picking up new things and doing the best I can with it.


Away from my Mac, I’m passionate about Fitness and Personal Development. I’ve always had a strong belief in keeping myself physically and mentally fit. I build consistent, sustainable habits and am continually aiming to improve on myself. 

There is so much to be learned online, I use resources such as YouTube, podcasts, and articles to expand my knowledge. Through learning more on Personal Development has allowed me to know myself better, this has allowed me to form some solid weekly habits that I can still see myself far into the future, as they are built around my lifestyle. These habits include regular walks, where I can listen to podcasts and flex my brain, and a consistent weight-training routine I do a couple of times a week. 

Outside of this, I’m also an avid Motorsport fan, having grown up around engineering, racing, and cars all my life. In fact, at 12yo I learned to race stock cars for a while before pursuing my GCSEs. On the weekends you may find me going for meals out with friends, visiting a trendy cocktail bar or pub, enjoying the latest big release of the years at the cinema or going for a long walk.

If you would like to know more, please follow my personal Instagram account here.

I’ve always had a strong belief in keeping myself physically and mentally fit, building consistent, sustainable habits and continually learning and growing as an individual.

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